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What information can be shared with

The key to any business is their ability to share information across their different office locations in an effective manner. Sending files physically is not just time consuming but can also be a risky process for businesses. This is especially the case when it comes to sensitive customer information and business information. In order to […]

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Is available option for businesses?

The requirement that businesses have when it comes to storing information or sharing them on the internet can be massive. This is especially the case when a business has offices located in various parts of the country or across the world. Usually transferring information took them a lot of time as it had to be […]

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How secure is for users?

Anyone who uses a cloud storage provider like would like to have their files and folders secured by all means. If the security of the information stored is not adequate then there are chances of this falling into the wrong hands. This is especially important when it comes to files that are sensitive from […]

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