It is quite common for people to have questions about a service when then sign up for one. Sometimes they even have questions that require to be answered before they end up signing up for a service or purchasing a product from the internet.

The same applies for upstore.net too when the choose to use the service of this cloud storage service provider. We try to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that are queried by customers pertaining to the use of this particular service.

Upstore.net FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is upstore.net a secure service?

Answer: Yes, upstore.net services are secured by multiple security layers. This makes your files and folders safe by all means when you choose to transfer them, store them, or upload them on using their servers.

Question: Which option among the free and premium is better to use?

Answer: This totally depends on the preference of the user. If the requirement is limited you can choose a free account. However, if you require better services and have greater requirements it may be a good idea to sign up for a premium account.

Question: Why people choose a premium account than a free account?

Answer: There are various benefits that come with a premium account. The security aspects are also better when compared to the free account. The features and the security aspects is what primarily makes a person sign up for a premium account.

Question: What type of files can be uploaded or shared on upstore.net?

Answer: All files and folders can be uploaded and shared using the services that are offered by upstore.net. These includes picture, documents, spreadsheets, videos, and all types of folders. However, one has to ensure that they are abiding by the laws that are put in place by the European Union and United States.

Question: How can you upload files or folders to upstore.net?

Answer: You can either choose to use your browser or any upload software program that is verified to upload files and folders on to upstore.net.

Question: Are parallel downloads allowed with this service provider?

Answer: Yes, parallel downloads are allowed with this service provider as long as you are a premium user. However, with a free user sign up parallel downloads are not allowed.

Question: How long are the files and folders stored on the server?

Answer: With a premium account your files and folders stay with the server for up to 2 months before they are removed.

Question: What is the file upload size with a premium account?

Answer: You can upload files or folders up to sizes of 5 GB with a premium account.

Question: What is the download speed with a premium account?

Answer: Although there are limitations with a free account you can have up to 1000 MBPS speeds with a premium account.

Question: Can I use download accelerators with upstore.net?

Answer: Yes, download accelerators are supported with upstore.net as long as they are verified software programs.

Question: How much storage can I use as a premium user?

Answer: You have unlimited storage with a premium upstore.net account.

Question: What type of customer support I get with premium account?

Answer: Apart from FAQs that are available on the support page you can contact the provider upstore.net by email and telephone.

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