How secure is for users?

Anyone who uses a cloud storage provider like would like to have their files and folders secured by all means. If the security of the information stored is not adequate then there are chances of this falling into the wrong hands.

This is especially important when it comes to files that are sensitive from businesses that are stored on the servers. Usually, cloud storage is used by businesses to share folders and files to their offices that are located across the globe.

While this sharing of information is done the servers would have to be completely secure to ensure that there is no misuse of information by any means. So, we look at how is securing the information that uploaded on to their servers by users. security features

There are many layers of security that is offered by Upstore for premium users. These features are partially available to free users as well but not all of it are inclusive for them. We look at some of the most important features that are offered by this provider.

  • Absolute Control: When you choose to become a premium user, you can decide who has access to the files stored on Upstore. you also get to keep your files forever, or until you use the premium service from this company.
  • Protection by Password: Anyone who uses would be able to upload or download files only with a password. Hence, it would make it impossible for anyone to access these files and folders unless they have the password to it.
  • Servers are Secured: With this service provider you can be assured of having the maximum security since they use state of the art security for their servers.
  • Encryption That is Advanced: You get a 256-bit encryption with secure socket layer making it difficult for anyone to access it. Interceptions of your sensitive information would be virtually impossible with this encryption on
  • Advanced Physical Security: With Upstore your data is also stored in a secondary server to protect against physical damages. This means even if there is a disaster that wipes out a primary server you can still access them from a secondary server.
  • Spyware Protection: You can be assured that no spyware can obtain access to your files as well as folders. The spyware protection that is provided by is state of the art thus keeping your information safe.
  • Protection from Viruses: Viruses can cause a lot of harm to files or folders and even end up with users from losing information completely. With the best virus protection available you can be assured that your files or computers accessing them cannot get infected.
  • Firewall Friendly: It is common for people to have firewalls installed on their computers for extra protection. However, these may tend to obstruct the way in which cloud services work on your computer. However, with is firewall friendly and that means it would work hand in hand with your firewall and not block it from doing its job.

There are also other security aspects that come along with using Upstore. We have only listed the most important ones that every premium user would be interested in. With these features you can be assured about the fact that your files are always kept safe with them.

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