Is available option for businesses?

The requirement that businesses have when it comes to storing information or sharing them on the internet can be massive. This is especially the case when a business has offices located in various parts of the country or across the world.

Usually transferring information took them a lot of time as it had to be physically put into a device that would be shipped. This also used to cost a lot of money to the business and had risks that were added to it. Loss of shipment or it falling with the wrong people was high.

With the technological advances that have come about in recent times people are able to transfer information in a more secure manner. Service providers like have made this easier for businesses at a minimal cost.

What businesses get with

Businesses that usually sign up for a Upstore premium account get to enjoy a lot of benefits with These benefits include features like multiple layers of security, faster uploads, and faster downloads of even large files.

Businesses are able to transfer spreadsheets, presentations, and other sensitive documents to their offices located elsewhere. These are done in a fraction of the duration that would actually take when they do it physically.

By sharing a link to the files, the offices located elsewhere can download the documents and other files and use them. Once the information is updated on these files they can again be uploaded and transferred to anyone belonging to the organization with no delays.

Why choose premium subscription?

A lot of business owners and managers think that choosing a free account with would be enough for them. However, this may often not be the case as there are multiple restrictions that come along with a free subscription to this service provider.

The main thing that businesses may not like with a free account is the data storage limit. A total of 2 GB would mean that any file that is larger than that cannot be stored or shared with

You would also end up experiencing slower downloads when you try to retrieve the file from their servers. Your download would not have the priority and you may have to end up waiting for a while before you are able to successfully download anything.

Bottom line

As a business owner or a manager, you can choose to pay € 11.95 for a monthly subscription to begin using Once you are satisfied with their service you can extend your subscription with this company and enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

In addition to this you can choose to read customer testimonials and reviews about before you choose to subscribe to their services. This would give you a fair idea on how good their services are and what benefits you can get out of it.

This cloud service provider also offers good customer service if you have issues after you sign up. Their customer service options include support by email and phone. So, anytime you are faced with trouble you would have technicians ready to get you out of it in no time.

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