Premium Account

Benefits of being a premium account member

Premium users are allowed to download up to 20 GB, in size, of files daily without any kind restrictions. You can also upload 5 GB of files; you can download multiple files at the same time, all of which are high-speed downloads depending on how fast the internet connection is. The maximum download speed for premium users is 1000 MB/s, which is high enough to get large files downloaded within a couple of minutes. free premium

With a premium account, you don’t have to answer a captcha every time you want to download it. You will be provided with a direct download link; you can constantly download your files all through the day. Any aborted downloads can be resumed at the stop point without any error in the complete download.

You can also download your files using third-party software; the files can be downloaded without any limitations. Your files can be uploaded and stored for as long as you want, based on your preferences. Again, only if the files are not violating any copyright laws or illegal contents according to the law.

Protecting the sensitive information of their users is part of their functionality, there are secure channels established for you to pay for any plan you want. Getting a premium account is the best way to enjoy the full capabilities has for you.