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Upstore is a website that is used by numerous bloggers across the globe. This is a great site that can be used by a user to share data or upload a file. This website serves as an online storage space where you can store documents – so that you can securely download the same. Any file can be uploaded by users on the database of the store. You may upload any document, such as audio, image or video or any other important data to the server of the store. The website was established in 2012 with the aim to offer an online storage space or database to users.

Upstore Accounts – What are the Types?

Free Account

It is the basic main account which can be opened up by any user. You can use your email address to register with Upstore, and get a primary account on the website.

Premium Account

The Premium account is actually an upgraded version of the website’s free account. You have to pay a fee to update your free account. A Premium account can be opened by any user out there.

How to get an Upstore Premium Account?

  • You have to send the payment for the Premium account.
  • Upstore will send an email to you about the details of the website. If you do not get the email in the inbox, check the Spam section.
  • Your new premium account will be created. If you have a free account on the store, it will be upgraded to Premium.
  • You can get details about the Upstore premium account that you have created. You can change the password for the same.

On every page, Upstore uses 256-bit SSL encryption technology to make sure it is fully secure. There is one-click checkout process, which make increase the comfort level of users. Customers can get fast delivery.

Do You Need An Upstore Premium Account?

It is strongly recommended that you upgrade to a premium account from the free account, to be able to experience optimal advantages that come with the use of this file host. A free account might be okay for general storage, but there are quite a few limitations such as:

  • Captcha
  • Fast expiry of download link
  • Having to wait for your turn
  • Having to wait to download again
  • Slow speed of downloads
  • Single file download at one time
  • Single thread
  • Ability to upload up to 2 GB files
  • Ability to download up to 1 GB files
  • Limited lifetime storage

An upstore premium account can help you to surpass all these limitations. As compared to accounts of other file hosts out there, the premium account at Upstore is very cheap in cost. This makes the investment really worthwhile. As a premium account user, you can make the most of your Upstore account and satisfy your priorities even more.

What are the Advantages of Upstore Premium Account?

There are plenty of benefits of an Upstore Premium account:

Fast downloads

It is possible to download documents at high speed, so that you are able to download records with no limitations. It can save your time. You can get as much download speed as 1000 Mbps, and there are download accelerators as well.

Unlimited parallel downloads

Once you have a premium account with the website, you can download unlimited documents simultaneously. You may download unlimited number of documents instantly, with no need to download them one by one.

No captcha needed

There is no need to enter a captcha code during each download. It can be very useful, save your time and ensure no disappointment for you.

1-click download

It is a great addition to the premium account, and can spare you time and efforts. With just one click, you can download documents instantly.

No timeout for download

With a premium account, you will not have to experience any timeout with your downloads from this website. This benefit makes a premium account truly worth the investment.

Upload / download indexes

You may also download any index that you want, with no limit whatsoever. Anyone with a premium account on Upstore is able to upload up to 5 GB indexes. Free account holders, however, are limited to 2 GB document uploads.

No file restrictions

Unless there are genuine DMCA problems, you will not face any restrictions with the files that you upload onto the server. You can perpetually continue uploading files that do not land Upstore into DMCA issues.

Secure storage

With a premium Upstore account, you can be assured of secure and safe storage for unlimited number of documents.

Upstore Premium Pack Cost

For one month, the cost of an Upstore premium account is 19.95USD. To buy a premium account, you have the option to purchase it for:

  • 2 months
  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 12 months

The yearly account cost is lower. You need to pay 129.95USD for a yearly account.

There are various payment methods for Upstore. If you are interested, you can pay for such an account with a reseller, JCB, Paysafecard, Bitcoin, Debit card or Credit card.

Upstore has a fantastic 100 Mbps download speed, which is for users of premium account only. You can use it to share files with co-workers, family members, friends or even with business partners. You can be assured of your data being secure and safe on the server of Upstore.


The Upstore Premium account is worth every bit of your money. You can get secure file storage, very fast download speed, upload any type of file and more. With a Premium account, you can increase the limit for storage and unlock plenty of features that are unavailable in the free account. However, whether it is a free account or a premium account, you can be assured of a very secure storage and sharing space for your important files and documents on the web.

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