Upstore.net is a cloud storage platform you can store, download, and share your files with ease and convenience. As long as you have internet access, you can save your files on their servers without having to carry around physical storage devices like a hard disk. You can access your files on Upstore.net on both mobile and desktop devices.

You can access their platform anytime at any location in the world. If you want anyone to download your files, you simply need to send the link to the approved third-party, and that gives the person access to download the files. Any file can be uploaded as long as it doesn’t violate any EU and US laws.

Your files are kept safe and secure from malicious activity. The cloud platform makes use of a 256-bit SSL technology to encrypt and keep your files private. You can store and share important information without the risk of losing your files to any unauthorized users.

The files can be uploaded through the web platform, Upstore.net. There are several other features users have access to, based on different categories of users. Guests are allowed to download up to a volume limit of 6 GB for every 24 hours; this might seem more than enough for small files; larger files might require you to have higher data limits. The upload limit is 2 GB for both guests and free users.

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