What you need to know about’s affiliate program

The Internet is rapidly evolving with new traffic emerging every day; as an entrepreneur, you must have your ways of generating revenue from converting this traffic into sales. If yes, and if not, you can always register for an affiliate partnership with to make money from the Cloud. It’s a recommended medium for you to start earning money with a little bit of work.

The way it works is that as soon as you register, you are provided with your unique affiliate link you can share with your friends and associates. Any purchases made by the traffic flowing in through your link earns you your commission for every sale of a product or plan.

To access this opportunity, simply log into your account and visit the Affiliate Page to start the process. You can seek further instructions from the support team if you are confused with any steps.

After the registration and approval, you will be provided with the tracking link, tools, and other necessary information. You can customize your account to your preferences and easily track your revenue with the resources provided. affiliate